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Digicel tax raid

Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association | 2012-05-09 16:25:00

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) is deeply concerned and disappointed with reports of the manner in which Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) sought information on General Consumption Tax (GCT) paid over by Digicel. The TAJ has a right to carry out its job and businesses have a duty to comply with the laws of the country, however, the treatment meted out to Digicel is reprehensible and speaks volumes about the way we treat businesses in Jamaica.

The Association must make it clear that it does not object to TAJ undertaking customary audits and assessments of companies, but care must be taken in how we treat our investors and its implications. We must be cognizant of the message that we are sending to investors both locally and overseas, as the nature of the raid done at Digicel does not portray Jamaica as investor-friendly or the place to do business.

The JMA encourages the TAJ to exercise good judgment in ensuring tax compliance and to keep the lines of communication open in trying to resolve issues, as this will impact positively on future investment in Jamaica.


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